Hillbilly Costume Ideas

Have a down-home, knee-slappin’ good time this Halloween when you choose one of our fun Hillbilly costumes!

There are so many great Hillbilly costume ideas to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding!  We have some hilarious Halloween costume ideas for you…

With the recent popularity of shows like Duck Dynasty, hillbilly Halloween costumes are sure to be a big hit this year.  Costume retailers have come up with some fun costumes and accessories to make your Halloween costume stand out from the crowd!

So get your mullet wig, your flowing redneck beard or your Big Bubba buck teeth and have a few laughs this Halloween!

Check out some of our favorite Hillbilly costumes…

Beer-belly-costumeBeer Belly Buddy Costume. Nothing goes better with hillbillies than a big ol’ beer belly! You’ll be the “king” of the trailer trash crowd with these blue coveralls complete with an attached fake beer belly and white hat.

Complete this truly redneck look with some cool tattoos, a long, flowing mullet and some Billy Bob buck teeth and you’ll be the  whitest of the white trash!

Just brink along your own favorite “bottled beverage” (aka beer) and get ready for some laughs.

The beer belly buddy costume comes in standard adult sizes and is made of 100% polyester.

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Hillbilly Men’s Costume.

Even the laziest of the lazy can be ready for a fun night of trick or treating with this hillbilly costume.  It’s a tee shirt printed to look like overalls over a shirt and bandanna.

Faux Real Hillbilly Adult Men s Costume

Just add your choice of redneck hats and you’re ready to go or make it even better with some rotten teeth and a great hillbilly-look beard.

You’ll look like you came straight from sloppin’ the hogs!  What could be easier?



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Outhouse Costume.                                                            

The foam body and headpiece looks just like a wooden outhouse straight from the mountains!  Don’t forget to bring your own roll of tp!

hillbilly-outhouse-costumeIt’s a clever costume that will be sure to get comments and laughs.

There’s some assembly required.

Take bathroom humor to a whole new level with this unique hillbilly costume idea!

Pants, shoes and shirt shown here are not included.

Sexy Country Girl Costume.

You’ll be smokin’ hot in this country girl costume. Complete with sexy denim “daisy duke” short shorts and a seductive off the shoulder crop top.daisyduke

You’ll have all the boys’ attention when you show up in this sexy costume!  Just add a cute little “trailer trash” hillbilly wig and boot scootin’ boots and you’re bound to get all the treats and no tricks!

Of course, you could surprise them and add some disgustingly gross buck teeth to turn yourself into a real redneck!

Duck Dynasty Willie Adult Costume.                                                                            

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty this is the costume for you!  No 3-piece suit for this CEO!  Be comfortable, but famous in this camo vest costume, just like Willie.

Duck-Dynasty-Willie-Adult-CostumeThis costume includes the camo vest, a cool country boy beard and a wig with an attached bandana for a complete hill jack look!

Just add your own pants and shoes and you’ll be ready to hunt ducks or Halloween treats.

Trailer Park Princess Hillbilly Costume                                               

Nothing says hillbilly better than this hilarious white trash trailer princess costume. From the funky capri pants to the off-the-shoulder hot pink top, you’ll be a big hit on the trick or treat scene!  It’s definitely the zebra print that brings out the distinctive “white trash” persona.

trailer-park-princessYou’ll be casually tacky and down right flamboyant in these zebra print stretch capri pants.  The second-hand “glam” look is completed with the matching zebra print trim on the top and belt buckle.

Add in a bouffant wig, some cool stiletto heels, sunglasses and a suitable tacky handbag to complete this look.  Great for warm weather trick or treating and comfortable too! (Hint:  this also makes a good costume for a hooker or drag queen costume!)

Trailer Park King Hillbilly Costume.

Of course, every trailer park princess (see above) needs a trailer park king, right? And you can be her white trash king with this great redneck costume.

trailer-park-kingThis comfy navy blue jumpsuit shows off your heritage with a “Billy Bob” name tag on the chest and on the back a  ‘Paradise Acres Trailer Park’  emblem to show your place of employment.  After all, you’re a redneck not a freeloader!

This look is completed when you tie on the molded vinyl “beer belly” and add the white “wife beater” tank top.  Be sure to wear the tank top pulled up a little so you can show off that hard earned belly!  Top it off with the red and white trucker hat  with a flaming truck logo and you’re ready to take your white trash girl out for a fun Halloween night.  Or you can just go solo if you’re looking to pick up some hot chicks — after all, what girl could resist this look?

You might want to get yourself a cool mullet wig and some nice buck teeth to add that extra sex appeal.

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